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Turnkey E-Commerce Software Solution

Our Turnkey E-Commerce Software Solution Includes the Following Features:


  • 1. Full-featured content-management system (CMS) including visual HTML editor (never type HTML code again!)
  • 2. Hide pages and out-of-stock items quickly and easily.
  • 3. Flexible template system and category management.
  • 4. One-click web publishing including full spectrum of our company's proprietory search-engine optimization.
  • 1. One-click flexible sales system.
  • 2. Private sales, promotion codes and gift qualification.
  • 3. Recommend this item to a friend feature.
Order Management:
  • 1. Flexible shipping calculation system.
  • 2. Automatic order confirmation and shipping notification to customer.
  • 3. Comprehensive order search by number, name, e-mail and status.
  • Advanced search option that includes keyword, multiple category fields and advanced custom search fields.
  • GoogleBase data feed generation.

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