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Internet Marketing and E-Commerce Training Course

e-training.jpg Our courses are recognized and endorsed by the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants on par with courses offered by Stanford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon and other world-renowned universities. Our courses will help you gain the skills you need to successfully launch and promote your own commercial online project. The courses cover the following topics:

Internet Marketing Course

1. Introduction to Online Business. 
The Internet's potential. The features of and difference between online business and offline business. Different forms of online business that have proved their ability to survive and earn money. Success stories. Opportunities to create an online project without significant investments.

2. Internet Marketing. The secret to creating a successful website. 
The importance of a website's design and appearance. What is HTML? The correct choice of colors, font and background from the psychological point of view. Graphics. How to select and display images. Optimizing the website's navigation. Organizing the website correctly. How to effectively recruit distributors with a specialized website. Why is usability top priority?

3. Search Engines and Directories. 
How search engines work. How directories work. Popular search engines and directories. How to achieve the most optimal indexing of your pages by search engines. Secrets to making your website rank higher. How to mathematically select the best keywords for your website. 

4. Marketing Using Link and Banner Exchanges. 
The importance of links in the working of the Internet. Who to exchange links with. Link exchange marketing techniques. Tracking the effectiveness of links. Statistics. Web-rings. Purchasing links. Introduction to banner advertising. Banner standards and new technologies. The importance of banner positioning. Tracking the effectiveness of banners. Secrets to success using banners.

5. Marketing Using E-mail 
What is spam and how to avoid it. Civilized e-mail marketing. Advantages of e-mail marketing. Mailing lists and how to use them. Organizing mailing lists. Discussion lists and how to use them effectively. Marketing via usenet conferences and forums. Marketing via classified ads.

6. How to Make Your Site "Sticky". Stimulate repeat visits. 
The importance of original content. How to gather information about your visitors. Site search systems. Interactive tools. Automated news systems. "Free, as in beer." The most effective lures, gifts and special offers that can cause a visitor to return repeatedly. Making a "sticky" design. The importance of personalization to stimulating repeat visits. Effective techniques for creating a group of regular visitors to your website.

7. How to Mathematically Calculate a Website's Potential. 
Using statistics and mathematical analysis to create a website with the optimal contents. Mathematically providing the maximum possible number of visitors to your website.

8. Other Commercial Website Concepts. Practical consultations in choosing an online business. 
Business card online. Personals website. Hobby-themed website. Website for inventors. Auctions. Helping offline businesses. 

The E-Commerce Training Course additionally covers the following topics:

E-Commerce Training Course

9. Management (for Team Managers). 
Strategically positioning a commercial website for maximum profit. Training personnel. Motivating your team to achieve maximum results. Making decisions. Teamwork in extreme conditions. Methods for effectively monitoring the work of marketologists. Presentation techniques. Psychology of sales. Oral skills. Negotiation techniques.

10. Planning Your Business 
After you have made the decision to open an online business, it's important to stop for a second and plan your future business. Research the market. Analyzing niches. Financial particularities of online businesses.

11. How to Sell, Sell, Sell... 
To decide which selling strategy best suit your particular merchandise or services, you should take a look at the techniques and methods used by companies that have already achieved success in e-commerce.

12. Online Auctions 
Types of auctions. Additional services for auctioneers. Techniques, strategy and tactics of trading. Fighting fraud at online auctions.

13. Payment 
Accepting payments over the web. Credit cards, taxes, shipping. Integrating with online payment systems. Organizing customer service.

14. The Technical Side of E-Commerce 
Which software package best answers your requirements? Analyzing the options and technologies available to you.

15. Creating a Customer Base 
Main goal of any business -- to attract customers. You will earn how to get and keep clients using a variety of online marketing techniques. Selling on the international market.

16. Logistics 
Organizing order processing. Various models of an Internet business's offline components. Selecting and working with a drop-shipper. The hidden problems of logistics in e-commerce.

Note: Our courses do not cover, and do not seek to cover the skills of web design, website creation, software development, programming or any other technical disciplines. If you are interested in learning web design, website creation, software development or programming, we suggest you look elsewhere.

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