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Development and Promotion of a Profitable Website

e-commerce Online Sales Will Rise Significantly
According to the predictions of Forrester Research, 10% of all retail sales in the US will be conducted via the Internet by the year 2008 and will reach as much as 230 billion dollars annually. From 2003 to 2008, the average sales volume of web stores will grow by around 10% each year. 

Creating a Profitable Website
How popular is your website? 
How many people out there are interested in the topic that your website is dedicated to?
How comfortable is your website for visitors (usability)? 
Do you want to earn money from your website? 

Efficient and well-organized website promotion is an integral part of the success of any online business. If your site is visited by many people who are already interested in your topic, your marketing efforts have a much higher likelihood of achieving success.

This is comparable to having a store on a busy city street. The more people pass by the store, the higher the percentage of people who will enter it and purchase something. The opposite is true as well: a store out in a quite suburb somewhere, especially a specialized store like most online stores are, will have much less customers, and advertising and marketing costs will only make it less profitable.

In the internet, search engines are the primary means of finding information, vastly more significant than any other. A well-promoted webstore can receive a considerably more interested visitors simply because it is located higher than its competitors in search results for relevant keywords.

A correctly promoted website can become and important means of attracting potential buyers.

Our company offers the following services in the area of website promotion:

1. Development of a specific strategy to successfully realize the goals of a client's website from the point of view of popularizing the client's brand name and attracting interested visitors.

2. Evaluation of the visual and technical means used in the creation and presentation of the website's contents to maximize usability and user comfort.

3. Development of a technical assignment to optimize an existing website for its promotion and popularization on the web, the selection of technical staff for the realization of this assignment and control over the team's work.

4. Selection, with the client's agreement, of the most relevant keywords for the website. The conduction of a series of measures to raise the website's rating in the most popular search engines for the keywords considered most relevant (a position within the first 20 results is considered optimal).

5. Placement of links to the client's website on other well-promoted websites to raise its rating and attract target visitors.

6. Creation of a long-term program for the site's further development and growth.

7. Training and certification of personnel responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the client's website.

Please contact the company for pricing information.

Dr. M.S. Mataev, . 
President, Inc. E-Commerce Training Institute


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