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What we can offer our clients:

Website promotion is important as never before. Inc. achieved substantial results in the development and promotion of commercial websites. Our specialty lies in promoting a site among its target audience, which is central to the success of an online business. Offline businessmen know well the importance of a large number of interested visitors. 

       If your site has many visitors who are already interested in the topic to which the site is dedicated, then it will be a lot easier to hook them and get them to buy the merchandise you offer. It's like having your store situated on one of a city's main throughfares, as opposed to a quiet suburb somewhere -- the more people there are, the higher the chance of one of them buying something. But while it takes a lot of money to move an offline shop physically from one location to another, on the web this can be achieved for a fraction of the cost.  

       When the concept of e-commerce first appeared, many online entrepreneurs underestimated the importance of promoting a site specifically among its target audience. There were fewer sites out there then, and the appearance of a new commercial webpage was a notable event. However, that has changed. The Internet has over a billion websites and hundreds of thousands join their ranks daily. Competition is tough. Search engines return hundreds of thousands or even millions of results to popular requests, but few web surfers look past the first page -- websites are competing for the first 10-20 places out of millions.  

       Our company has systematized the web's most effective techniques for website promotion and search engine optimization, then developed and refined them, and put them into practice. Most of the sites that have been created and promoted using our methods occupy the foremost positions in popular relevant searches, often within the first 10 (!) or better. 

We offer the following services:

1. Optimization of an existing website to raise its position in relevant searches in the most popular search engines. That means that we will optimize the website of a bank to be among the first few results when a user searches for keywords such as "credit", "account", "deposit", "mortgage", etc. (there are ways of finding out which requests are the most popular and relevant for a given site). As a result, this bank will get a lot more interested clients than its competitor which is located lower in the search results. We guarantee that as a result of our work, your website's positions will rise significantly in the most popular search engines. Read more... 

2. Turn-key e-commerce software solutions that will bring your business online and give it maximum exposure through search engine marketing. See the full list of features

3. Our E-Commerce Course, recognized and endorsed by the E-Commerce Board of Standards, where we can train and certify your personnel in the most effective methods of web marketing and e-commerce. Successful graduates will receive the internationally recognized CEC (Certified E-Commerce Consultant) diploma. This course got our company listed among the world's foremost educational institutions that teach e-commerce. Read more... 

We recommend our Consultants to base the pricing of their services according to the following minimal priceline: 

  • Optimization and promotion of an existing website - $150/hour (The client must be required to assiduously put into practice all of the Consultant's recommendations. Otherwise, effectiveness is lost.). 
  • Development and promotion of a website for the client - this depends on the client's specific requirements. 
  • E-Commerce Course and certification of personnel with the CEC diploma - $2625 per person. If the course takes place outside the Training Institute's facilities, then additional costs may be incurred. 
  • Certification of IT specialists with more than 4 years of experience - $320 per person 

Dr. M.S. Mataev, . 
President, Inc. E-Commerce Training Institute


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