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About the E-Commerce Training Institute

In just three years, the E-Commerce Training Institute organized by Inc., a New-York-based company, gained considerable renown in the area of internet marketing and e-commerce and was recognized as one of the premier educational centers in the world in this field. The main difference between us and more traditional institutions is that all of our instructors are people who have attained tangible results in their own commercial online projects. This practice, almost never seen in the academic world, was established as one of the company's main principles from the outset.  

The company's founders created and successfully promoted the website Olga's Gallery. At the time of writing, this site is the third most popular in the world in its category, fine art, and over 40 major universities recommend the website to their students as a valuable resource. More than a million unique visitors from all around the world come monthly to browse through the gallery's huge collection of paintings and other works of art, while over 15,000 links point to the website from all over the web. 

The valuable knowledge and experience that was gained from this and other projects was passed on to other people -- at first, friends and associates. The results were very encouraging. The students created dozens of popular commercial websites which rank top in relevant search engine requests. In the Internet, any individual with the knowledge and skills can compete on equal terms with the largest corporations and create a profitable commercial website. E-Commerce Training Institute's educational program was recognized by the Institute of Certified E-Commerce Consultants as answering to the requirements set by the E-Commerce Board of Standards and the Institute was endorsed to train and certify online marketing specialists as CEC (Certified E-Commerce Consultant). E-Commerce Training Institute's mission is to set and keep up high standards of education in the area of e-commerce, as well as to provide professional online marketing and management consulting. 

For the private individual, we offer the skills you need to set up your own home-based online business, providing you with a steady income, allowing you to work comfortably from home and giving you the opportunity to work in a field that interests you. 


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